"Best Downtown Theater Company" - NY Press, 2001 | Best Music/Lyrics - FringeNYC 2002 | Excellence in Playwrighting - FringeNYC 2003
Caffe Cino Award - NY Innovative Theater Awards, 2005 | Outstanding Solo Show - FringeNYC 2009

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Smoke the New Cigarette


Inverse Theater and The New York International Fringe Festival FringeNYC / A Production of The Present Company

give you…

Smoke the New Cigarette

a freeform chamber punk explosion

@ the Bowery Poetry Club

Tickets & Info: http://thenewcigarette.org

Showtimes: August Fri 12 @ 6:45; Sat 13 @ 7; Fri 19 @ 2; Sun 21 @ 12; Thu 25 @ 8:15

The New Cigarette is…

Kirk Wood Bromley (guitar, cello, trombone, voice, lyrics, text), Sandstar (piano, drums, flute, baby cello, voice), Beth Griffith (dance, voice), Peter Schmitz (dance, voice)*

Crashing musicians:

August 12: Edward Schneider (sax), Pete Selbo (guitar), Constance Cooper (piano)

August 13: Edward Schneider (sax), Pete Selbo (guitar), Constance Cooper (piano)

August 19: The Broadcloth Trio: broadclothtrio.com – Adam Matlock (various), Anne Rhodes (voice), Nathan Bontrager (cello)

August 21: Alex Cohen (guitar), Anne Rhodes (voice), Constance Cooper (piano)

August 25: Adam Matlock (various), Nathan Bontrager (cello)

Audio & sound mastering by John Gideon
Stage managed by Bettina Warshaw

* – These actors appear courtesy of Actors Equity Association. Actors’ Equity Association (AEA), founded in 1913, represents more than 45,000 actors and stage managers in the United States. Equity seeks to advance, promote and foster the art of live theatre as an essential component of our society. Equity negotiates wages and working conditions, providing a wide range of benefits, including health and pension plans. AEA is a member of the AFL-CIO, and is affiliated with FIA, an international organization of performing arts unions. The Equity emblem is our mark of excellence.

See excerpts from the show:

Be Story Free


Inverse Theater, Dr. Jip Syuzhet and the Be Story Free® Brigade present…

Be Story Free®

The World’s First and Only “Story Addiction” Destruction Seminar

FREE to all who sincerely desire to rid themselves of the EVILS of STORY!

Thursday – Saturday, May 12 – 14 and May 19 – 21

7 pm


The Home Of

a performance house in beautiful Gowanus

rsvp to contact@thehomeof.org and you will be sent our “secret location”

This show also ran as part of the Ohio Theater’s Ice Factory festival for three nights in the summer of 2011.

Face it. You are a story addict. The shows, the status updates, the gossip, the devices, the rationalizations, the plans. You can’t live without it. It’s all you are, and it’s completely beyond you.

It’s time for you to BE STORY FREE®!!!


Just come to this Be Story Free® Seminar and experience the liberating power of the Be Story Free® Brigade as led by Be Story Free® founder Dr. Jip Syuzhet.

Through participation in the Be Story Free® Program, story addicts from around the world are
finding freedom from the crippling, prenatal, pervasive invasion of
story into their minds, relationships, wallets and lives by ridding
themselves of the noxious, uninvited, impoverishing influences of

- a paralyzing need for absolute, irreversible change;
- the regressive belief in an external, charismatic evil;
- the fascistic reliance on “sole protagonist selfism”©;
- spurious, time-consistent, cause-and-effect dependencies;
- the life-limiting demand for explanation and meaning;
- personal relationships with depersonalizing conglomerates;
- years and years of emptiness, lies and false connections.

If you think story is just something your parents told you to put you to sleep, you’re right. And it’s still happening to this day. Everywhere, all the time, through every imaginable method, your unchosen moral supervisors are infesting your soul with stories to “put you down.”

Don’t let them do it anymore. Rise up. Be free. Rid yourself of story.
After all, “There’s more to the world than ‘In a world…’”©

The Be Story Free® Brigade features Matt Oberg, Steve Burns, Chris Thorn, Denice Kondik, Catherine McNelis, Jordan Coughtry, Alexis Sottile, Patrick Toon, Michael O’Brien, John Gideon, Kirk Bromley, Luke Murphy, Carson Reiners, Troy Ogilvie, Josh Hartung, William Sturdivant, Robert Laine, Val Mudek, and Maggie Cino.

Some team bios:

Matt Oberg can be seen on The Onion SportsDome, Ugly Americans, and dozens of TV commercials, and has appeared in numerous NYC plays. He is also a story addict.

Steve Burns played “Steve” on Blues Clues for years, then became the voice of Time Warner Cable, and is now doing various other things. He has tested positive for narrative infection.

Luke Murphy is currently in Sleep No More by Punchdrunk, and he appeared with John Kelley in Pass the Blutwurst, Bitte at La Mama. He is recovering from story addiction.

Troy Ogilvie has danced with Gallim Dance and the Sidra Bell Dance Company. Narrative has infested her body.

Kirk Bromley is a playwright, the artistic director of Inverse Theater. He is a story addict.

Michael O’Brien will appear as Salvador Dalí & Adolf Hitler this summer at Woodstock’s historic Byrdcliffe Theater in Carey Harrison’s Midget in a Catsuit Reciting Spinoza. He has also acted in many other plays, and is seriously addicted to story.

Patrick Toon has appeared at the Depot Theatre, the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, and the Pearl here in New York City. He is a story addict.

It Was A Setup


Wed – Sat, August 4 – 7 and 11 – 14, 2010

8:00 pm

@ The Home Of

Take a front row seat in the living room of Charise and Tim and watch their household disintegrate into your lap in this inaugural production of extreme domestic theater in NYC’s newest, most unique performance space – more real than reality, more intimate than your own life. Not for the faint of heart, this ultimate voyeuristic fantasy features original music, photography, dance, poetry, and the intense dramatics of Tim Fannon*, Charise Greene*, and Lucy Stack. Co-directed by the cast, Kirk Wood Bromley (words), and Sandstar (phoems and choreography), this first piece in Inverse Theater’s 10th Anniversary Year also features music by Ivan Khilko (of Immanent Voiceless), costumes by Anna Mains, stage management by Bettina Warshaw. The show runs 75 minutes, every ticket buyer gets a free drink, and there’s a party after every performance. Welcome home.

* – Appearing Courtesy of Actors Equity Association


‘Home Video’ Trailer

Cycatrix Adaptitude


While travelling in Bucharest, Kirk Wood Bromley, artistic director of Inverse Theater, stumbled across a troupe of Romanian performers whose “party plays” are legendary in the back-alley bars of the Balkan capital. Now, in collaboration with Meistro Stelian Virgiliu Vasilica’s Cel Mal Bun Teatru Fiecare, he’s bringing the English version to America for a Tour of NYC so you can meld with the madness.

Taking place in five exclusive Chelsea, Soho and Williamsburg lofts, Cycatrix Adaptitude is a performance event within a party experience. It’s FREE to get in, drinks and food will be sold, but you must make a reservation to be on THE LIST and only those on THE LIST may enter. No exceptions. Your reservation is NOT confirmed until you hear back from us via email.

To reserve, email contact@oldsite.inversetheater.org and give your name, the number of people, and the night you’ll be coming. To get on THE LIST four hours before showtime, call 646-552-4754. And then prepare yourself…

Doors open at 7:30, show starts at 8:00.
Nov. 5 and 6 (Thu, Fri) – 638 East 6th Street (between B and C), Manhattan
Nov. 12 and 13 (Thu, Fri) – 100 Grand Street (2nd floor), Manhattan
Nov. 14 (Sat) – Glasslands Bar, 289 Kent Ave (btwn South 1 and South 2), Williamsburg
Nov. 19, 20, 21 (Thu, Fri, Sat) – The Hope Lounge, 10 Hope Street (btwn Roebling and Havemeyer), Williamsburg

Music by John Gideon
Costumes by Karen Flood
Lights by Jeff Nash
Masks by Jane Stein
Cast: Mick O’Brien, Sarah Engelke, Beth Ann Leone, Denice Kondik, Josephine Cashman
Many thanks to our generous hosts: Tony J. Reilly, Rebecca Armstrong, Danielle Bernstein, Michael Waller, John Bonafede, Hannah Thieme, Sarah Engelke, Timothy McCown Reynolds, Suzy Franczak and Tony Davis, Jane Stein and Jeff Nash, and Jen Dunlap



Inverse Theater Company presents


FringeNYC 2009 Excellence Award Winner – Outstanding Solo Show

“Further than terrifying. Further than disturbing. Further than uncomfortable.” – TheFabMarquee

“Early on in this intense 90 minute solo show (written and directed by Kirk Bromley) performer Dan Berkey makes hand-to-hand contact with most of the people in the audience. That moment of connection is a shrewd, brilliant move, because it guards against us distancing ourselves once the calm, lucid man we’ve met transforms into a full-blown schizophrenic. The harrowing, claustrophobic show plays like a series of his psychotic episodes during which we’re inside his often incoherent stream of consciousness – it feels like a terrifying, violent freefall into insanity. The playwright has very definitely organized the show into distinct vignettes and themes – a section in which a slidehow of graphic pornography segues into candids of non-sexualized female faces is the most wrenching, while a section where schizophrenia proves helpful for the make-believe needed for stage acting is downright funny. Despite the organization, the playwright has done all he can to erase his hand and let the show feel chaotic and random and the performer convinces at every single moment. The result is a one-of-a-kind, undiluted and unforgettable trip into the crazy.” – JustShowsToGoYou

“***** [FIVE STARS] One of the many possible symptoms of schizophrenia is alogia: a severe reduction of verbal communication. It’s a blessing, then, not only that Daniel Martin Berkley is in remission, but that he commissioned Kirk Wood Bromley—a linguistic maximalist with a knack for poetic density—to help him explain his struggles in this one-man show. It’s an excellent pairing: Bromley may speak in “superannuated symbiologies” and aim to “magnify [Dan’s] vagaries,” but Berkley—in his Jay and Silent Bob T-shirt, cargo shorts and sneakers—remains direct and gut-shot honest. Berkley doesn’t always want us to follow him (and God help us if we can get inside his mosaic mind), but whether he’s being molested in grade school, doing heroin off a blow-up doll’s crotch or recollecting his days acting “the dance of the oculogyric crisis,” his intense emotions keep us connected—as do his visions, shared as projected photographs of his childhood and personal work. An actor’s bravery is rarely noted, but Berkley deserves a medal for willingly revisiting the spasms, abrasive voices and violence of his past, and sharing this important story in a most electric and rare performance.” – Aaron Riccio, Time-Out NY

“mind-blowing” – BackStage.com

“…(for) those in search of theatre that stretches, exercises, jolts, and exalts an audience in 90 intense and harrowing minutes of spectacular wordplay and virtuosic acting…” – nytheatre.com

“This is not a simple, passive kind of theatre, but rather the kind that really makes you fully aware of your feelings. This is the kind of theatre I look for but do not often find.” – nytheatre.com

Appearing at…

The SoloNova Arts Festival

at PS 122
150 First Avenue

May 6, 8, 10, 18 at 7 pm

May 15 at 2 pm


Written by two-time FringeNYC Excellence Award Winner (2002, 2003), Kirk Wood Bromley, produced by “The Best Downtown Theater Company (NYPress 2001), and starring downtown theater veteran, Dan Berkey, REMISSION is a one-man, true-story play about Berkey’s journey into and out of schizophrenia.

For 45 years, Daniel Martin Berkey suffered the ravages of schizophrenia. With his symptoms beginning at age six, Dan experienced a spectrum of challenges, including berating voices and haunting visions, paranoia and catatonia, and addiction to sex, heroin, and alcohol. Then, at the age of 51, homeless and deranged, while walking along a freeway on Long Island, Dan saw a vision – a giant golden cube suspended in the sky from which emanated 3000 winged humanoid figures beckoning him to join them in the World Self. Awaking from the splendor, he walked home, flushed his medications, and has been symptom-free ever since. REMISSION is his story.

REMISSION was written by Kirk Wood Bromley under Dan’s commission. Bromley has been a playwright in NYC for 20 years, and has won a variety of awards, including two Excellence Awards in FringeNYC (Playwriting in 2002 for The American Revolution and Book/Lyrics in 2003 for Lost – The Musical) and The Berrilla Kerr Excellence in Playwriting award. Inverse Theater, the company of which he is artistic director, was named “Best Downtown Theater Company” (NYPress, 2001) and won the Caffe Cino Award at the inaugural 2005 New York Innovative Theater Awards. Dan Berkey has been acting in NYC for over 15 years, working with such artists as Richard Schechner, John Clancy, CJ Hopkins, Doris Mirescu and Peter Dobbins. Designing the show will be Inverse design veterans Jane Stein (props), Jeff Nash (lights), John Gideon (sound), and Karen Flood, the original costume designer for Urinetown – The Musical.

Since 1998, Inverse has produced fifteen plays or musicals authored by award-winning Resident Playwright and Artistic Director, Kirk Wood Bromley. Presently, this list includes The Death of Griffin Hunter, The American Revolution, Midnight Brainwash Revival, Icarus and Aria, Want’s Unwisht Work, The Death of Don Flagrante Delicto, The Burnt Woman of Harvard, On the Origin of Darwin, Lost-The Musical, and The Banger’s Flopera – A Musical, Three Dollar Bill., No More Pretending., Me, and Untitled. These plays have been presented at some of NYC’s most important, seminal downtown theaters – The Ohio Theater, The Cornelia Connelly Theater, Soho Rep, The Kraine, St. Marks Theater, The Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, The Present Company Theatorium, and The Greenwich Street Theater.



Read Martin Denton’s Review

Your beautiful presence is most humbly requested at Inverse Theater’s new show being presented in association with The Access Theater!

it has no title

it is at the Access Theater Loft Space (380 Broadway, 4th floor, Manhattan)

it is at 8 pm, Wed – Sat, January 7, 8, 9, and 10, 2008

it is FREE!!!

it has original songs and words and actions

it is about…

having body parts removed unsuccessfully

mooseknuckling your wanderlust

chicken tit

remembering (incorrectly) your first time

growing up under a 3 foot roof

feeling retarded

poems that encourage regrettable diddling

severe traumatic brain injuries

road trips thru the oysterbeds of yore

carving a hole in your father’s heart and fucking it

…among other things that will challenge your ability to know and trust yourself.

We look greatly forward to entertaining you in the theater on these magical evenings of incredible togetherness and personal transformation!

reservations not required. first come first saved.

the actors are:

Anna Elwood, Anni Bruno, Annie Scott, Lora Chio, Michael O’Brien, Darius Stone, Joe Pindelski, Christopher Yeatts, Robert Laine, Timothy McCown Reynolds, Sarah Malinda Engelke, Vanessa Vivezza, Rachel Tiemann, Josh Hartung, Shawn Laine

music by John Gideon
costumes by Karen Flood
properties by Jane Stein
lights by Jeff Nash
stage management by Bettina Warshaw
assistant stage management by Shawn Laine
words and direction by Kirk Wood Bromley



“The most important new American play of the season.” – nytheatre.com

“Genius…as stimulating visually as it is intellectually…the banter, reflection, and fantasy in his text possess all the vitality and zaniness of 120 actors.” – backstage.com

“Immensely imaginative.” – offoffonline.com

Soho Think Tank presents


A new musical
Produced by Inverse Theater
Book/lyrics by Kirk Wood Bromley
Music by John Gideon
Directed by Alec Duffy
Costumes by Karen Flood
Choreography by Jill Guidera
Sets by Jane Stein
Lights by Jeff Nash
Assistant Director/Stage Management by Casey McLain
Production Management by Ruthie Conde
Dramaturgy by Joe Pindelski

May 3rd through May 24th
At the Ohio Theater, 66 Wooster Street

Tickets will be $18.00 for all performances except for Tuesdays, which will be $10. Students and seniors are $10 every night. Tickets may be purchased by calling Smarttix at 212-868-4444, or online at smarttix.com.

ME will begin performances on Saturday, May 3rd and will continue May 24th. All performances will be at 8pm and the schedule will be as follows:

Saturday and Sunday, May 3 and 4 at 8 pm
Wednesday – Saturday, May 7 – 10 at 8 pm
Tuesday – Saturday, May 13 – 17 at 8 pm
Tuesday – Saturday, May 20 – 24 at 8 pm

Tickets will be $18.00 for all performances except for Tuesdays, which will be $10. Tickets may be purchased by calling Smarttix at 212-868-4444, or online at smarttix.com. com

Soho Think Tank will present Kirk Wood Bromley’s latest play, Me, directed by Alec Duffy. Performances will be at the Ohio Theater, located at 66 Wooster Street, between Spring and Broome Streets in Soho. Performances will begin on Saturday, May 3rd, continuing through Saturday, May 24th.

When Kirk Wood Bromley set out to write a play about himself, the result was something other than a simple autobiography. Similar to Charlie Kaufman’s film ”Adaptation,” where the author set out to adapt a novel but ended up writing a film about a writer trying to adapt a novel, Me is a theatrical meditation on self-identity, where Bromley starts out looking to write a play about himself and takes detours through his personal relationship with his placenta, the recent extinction of the white river dolphin of the Yangtze in China, and just what exactly he means when he says, “I am the chosen fish, chosen by me / To save the planet from humanity.”

The myth of the origin of the white dolphin (a girl thrown into the Yangtze river because she refused to marry), discourses on definitions of self, and personal parental histories of the author all find their place in this swirling, humorous and challenging work. The play culminates with a live fish being brought on stage and the audience being asked to decide one question: should the fish be pulled from its tank and sacrificed for the play?

Bromley’s part verse, part prose, all poetic script is matched by John Gideon’s mesmerizing and eclectic music, Karen Flood’s imaginative and wild costumes, Jane Stein’s stunning puppets and properties, and Jeff Nash’s unconventional but magical lighting. A cast of 13 performs this play with 15 songs performed live by the cast and composer.

About The Cast

The cast includes Arthur Aulisi* (“Denis Leary’s Merry F#%$in Christmas”), Lora Chio* (“Law & Order”), Drew Cortese* (Public Theatre, FringeNYC), Sarah Engelke* (four Inverse Theater shows, others), Josh Hartung (Banger’s Flopera), Bob Laine (many Inverse productions), Dan Renkin* (Culture Project, Inverse), Annie Scott, Erwin Thomas*, Paula Wilson* (Alvin Ailey dancer, recurring role on “All My Children”), Brenda Withers* (one of the creators of the off-Broadway hit Matt and Ben), and Marshall York. (* indicates the actor is a member of Actors’ Equity Association.) Ruthie Turk will serve as Production Manager.

About The Artistic Team

Director Alec Duffy is the Artistic Director of the theater company Hoi Polloi. This past summer, The Ontological Theater presented Hoi Polloi’s Dysphoria as part of their Summer Residency. Duffy’s play The Top Ten People Of The Millennium Sing Their Favorite Schubert Lieder was produced at the Victory Gardens Theater in Chicago and the Bank Street Theatre in New York, and was recently published in the collection Plays and Playwrights 2006, edited by Martin Denton. Duffy was selected by The Drama League as one of four directors nationally to be awarded the Drama League Directing Fellowship. Duffy was also recently selected for the NEA/TCG Career Development Program for Directors.

Inverse’s resident Composer, John Gideon (On the Origin of Darwin, The Banger’s Flopera – A Musical Perversion, Three Dollar Bill, The Death of Griffin Hunter), adds his eclectic style to this latest Inverse production, performing 15 songs, as well as a “dark and moving underscore”.

Karen Flood (Costume Design) has designed costumes for theater, film, television, and advertising for over 10 years. She recently created costumes for a multi faceted performance entitled Fascinating Gershwin, by violinist Janice Martin, in which the costumes change on stage, before the very eyes of the audience.

Jane Stein (Set Design) is a sculptor who has created sets, masks, props, puppets and photographs for eight Inverse shows. Her work has appeared in productions on Broadway, Off-Broadway, dance, opera and television. She began her theatrical work as a mask maker for the New York Shakespeare Festival and has contributed work to many Broadway shows including Lenny, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Bette Midler’s Clams On The Half Shell Review. Her dance credits include masks for Martha Graham, New York Baroque Dance Company, Buglisi Dance Theatre and My-Yi Co.

Jeff Nash (Lighting Design) has designed lights for Robert Wilson, John Jesurun, Natsu Nakajima, Ellen Stewart, Stuart Sherman, John Vaccaro, Gian Carlo Minetti, and Kirk Wood Bromley.

Jill Guidera, whose work has been seen at Galapagos Art Space, PS122, and Soho Rep, will be the choreographer.

Let it be known that this project has been workshopped for the last year with a revolving cast of company members, and community members old and new that include: Sarah Engelke, Bob Laine, Catherine McNelis, Christopher Thorn, April Vidal Josh Hartung, Alex Smith, Lauren Benson, Arthur Aulisi, Marshall York, Timothy Reynolds, Megan Dullaghan, Dara Seitzman, Joe Pindelski, Christopher Borg, Anni Bruno and Chloe Ramras.

No More Pretending


Inverse Theater Company presents:

No More Pretending


The Return of Indiebot

A debatable manifesto on the econo-pathics of one-way exchange

A play by Kirk Wood Bromley
Directed by Howard Thoresen
Performed by Matt Oberg, Al Benditt, Meg MacCary

@ The Chelsea Puppet Loft
139 W. 17th Street, #4A

November 3 – 8 pm | November 4 – 8 pm | November 5 – 7 pm
November 9 – 7 pm | November 10 – 8 pm | November 11 – 8 pm

Every performance followed by a party with drink, food, and chat on the concept of Indie Theater.

$15 suggested donation | You must have a reservation to attend. To reserve, send your name, number in party, and night you want to come to: contact@oldsite.inversetheater.org or call 646-552-4754.

In October 2005, Inverse Theater Company, along with La Mama founder Ellen Stewart and Mabou Mines’ puppeteer Basil Twist, was given a special award for continuous achievement on off-off-Broadway by the New York Innovative Theater Awards. Upon receiving the award, artistic director/playwright Kirk Wood Bromley said to the audience that he felt the term “off-off-Broadway” should be dropped and the term “Indie Theater” should be taken up instead, primarily to shed the pejorative sense of “off-off” and to assume the marketing power of the term “Indie.” In response to Bromley’s suggestion, a movement of hundreds of Indie Theater artists has begun, led by Martin Denton of nytheatre.com. “No More Pretending” is Bromley’s new three person play that serves as both a response to and dialogue with this movement, tackling the many ideas and struggles inherent in the battle to be “independent” in a world in which freedom is a market.

Three Dollar Bill


Three Dollar Bill consists of three short plays on being queer and conservative. This curious cultural convergence, so baffling to many, nonetheless exists. 25% of all “out” homosexuals voted for George W. Bush in 2004. Organizations such as Log Cabin Republicans and the Human Rights Fund are home to many gay conservatives. Finally, Mary Cheney’s role as “campaign manager” for her father in 2004, as well as her activities as a gay spokesperson for Coors Brewing Company, highlight how being openly gay and actively republican is not an “uncommon abomination.” The three plays are:

“What Are You Thinking, Mary Cheney?” – Alone in her alpine lodge, surrounded by her secure electric perimeter, the lesbian daughter of “the evil puppet master” is finally pushed to come out of the closet and into the sound bite. In a smooth tirade of self-justification, she explains her controversial “lifestyle choice” to the captive liberal activists in her mind. But will her empowered paranoia inevitably prove that you can either sleep with the enemy or sleep with your lover, but never both?

“Civilization and its Disco Tents” – A real-time “gay conversion therapy” session between an ex-gay therapist and a supposedly gay, but wanting to be straight, patient “turns queer” when the therapist discovers that the patient is actually straight and wants to be gay. Yet this revelation only arouses deeper mysteries: Who is the patient and who is the therapist? Who is gay, ex-gay, and straight? And what is the difference between sexual conversion and sexual perversion? The gay conversion industry is in for a serious “lapse dance.”

“The Welcome Mask” – This is your standard “coming out” family drama. Son comes home with a vagina on his face. Father gets angry because this proves that Son is an Eskimo. Daughter, jumping to her brother’s defense, puts a penis on her face. Father grows angrier because this proves she’s a movie producer or a crooked travel agent or even worse. Feeling left out, Mother puts a botched sex-change operation on her face, though no one quite knows what this makes her. As Son, Daughter, and Mother shoot down “the slippery slope” right there in the living room, Father finally restores order to the family by putting something on his face. The question is, what is it?

The cast of Three Dollar Bill includes Gillian Chadsey, Elisa Pearl Blynn, John McConnel, Robert Laine, Timothy Reynolds, Sonja O’Hara and David Nash.

The schedule for Three Dollar Bill will be Thursdays through Sundays, December 1st through December 18th and Tuesday through Friday, December 20th through December 23rd. All performances will be at 8PM. Tickets will be $15.

The Bangers’ Flopera


Inverse Theater Company will present The Banger’s Flopera – A Musical Perversion at The Village Theatre, 158 Bleecker at Thompson and will begin Sunday, August 14th. This will be Inverse’s much-awaited return to fringeNYC after its show, Lost – The Musical (“The Best Musical in the Fringe” – Time Out NY) was the only production to win Excellence in Music and Lyrics at the Fringe Awards. With The Banger’s Flopera, Inverse continues its legacy of creating top-notch musical production teams, having worked with Urinetown’s Mark Hollman for On the Origin of Darwin, Avenue Q’s Robert Lopez for The American Revolution, and the late Jessica Grace Wing for Lost.

The Banger’s Flopera is an update (or “perversion”) of the infamous Beggar’s Opera (the 18th century play which is also the source for Brecht’s The Threepenny Opera). Where the original featured a cast of beggars, hookers and crooks, this new version features “gangstaz, pornstaz, and popstaz,” depicting the many ways in which our captivatingly corrupt culture idolizes and gives political influence to its own destructive elements. With a 16 song score, in styles ranging from rock and rap to torch songs and psychedelic power ballads, Banger’s offers a full rock musical experience along with a quintessentially mind-spinning Bromley script deeply steeped in “sex, thugs, and rock-n-roll.” True to its source in its ghetto and sleaze themes, it stars the infamous Mac the Knife, who in this version is morphed into a professional pornographer and consummate New York Gangsta, as he cheats, robs and murders his way to the electric chair, only to be pardoned last minute by a criminal-friendly President.

Composer John Gideon has worked as a musician in over 30 musicals including national Broadway tours, as well as performing at such venues as Joe’s Pub, The Knitting Factory, and The Bitter End. The director of The Banger’s Flopera – A Musical Perversion is Ben Yalom, who is the Artistic Director of foolsFURY, an ensemble based experimental theater company in San Francisco. He recently directed Naomi Newman’s one-woman show Fall Down Get Up for A Traveling Jewish Theater and a New York tour and has worked and trained with Anne Bogart and SITI Company.

Set designer Jane Stein has worked on many Broadway shows including Lenny, Jesus Christ Superstar, Pippin, Chicago, The Magic Show, Equus, and Bette Midler’s Clams on the Half Shell Review. Costume designer Karen Flood did the original costumes for Urinetown. And lighting designer Jeff Nash has worked with artists as diverse and renowned as Ellen Stewart, Frank Corsaro, Stuart Sherman, Natsu Nakajima, Sin Cha Hong, John Vaccaro, Robert Wilson, and Gian Carlo Menotti.

The cast of The Banger’s Flopera – A Musical Perversion includes Joe Pindelski, April Vidal, Anni Bruno, Dan Renkin, Dalane Mason, Brian Kelly, Catherine McNelis, Kelly Spitko, Randall Middleton, Chris McCutchen, Timothy McCown Reynolds, Bob Laine, Hank Wagner, Sarah Engelke, John McConnel, Lydia Burns and Josh Hartung.

The Banger’s Flopera – A Musical Perversion will begin performances on Sunday, August 14th and the schedule will be as follows:

Sunday, August 14th @ 3:45PM Friday, August 26th @ 9:45PM
Thursday, August 18th @ 2:00PM Saturday, August 27th @ 11:00PM
Sunday, August 21st @ 2:15PM

Tickets will be $15 and can be purchased by calling (212) 279-4488 or visit www.fringenyc.org. Photos will be available for download at www.brettsinger.com/clients/bangers.html. To learn more about the company, visit www.oldsite.inversetheater.org.

Grace Notes


A musical tribute to Jessica Grace Wing, Inverse’s composer until 2003. Read more about her life and work here:


On the Origin of Darwin


One Tony Winner, one Obie Winner, and the “Best Downtown Theater Company” (New York Press – 2001) join forces for…

On the Origin of Darwin

The story of how a young naturalist’s experiences on the Voyage of the Beagle fostered the greatest scientific theory ever discovered.

Produced by Inverse Theater Company
Written by Kirk Wood Bromley / Directed by Joshua Spafford
Music by Mark Hollmann (Tony Award winning composer of “Urinetown”)
Starring Steven Rattazzi (2003 Obie for Painted Snake in a Painted Chair) and T. Ryder Smith (She Stoops to Comedy (David Greenspan) and Big Love (Charles Mee))

At the Cornelia Connelly Theater, 220 E. 4th Street (between Avenues A and B)
Thursday, December 9 – Sunday, December 12 – 8 pm
Wednesday, December 15 – Saturday, December 18 – 8 pm
Tickets – $15 / Reservations – www.oldsite.inversetheater.org

Inverse Theater Company, which won Best Music/Lyrics in the 2003 NY Int’l Fringe for Lost – The Musical, and Artistic Director Kirk Wood Bromley, who won Best Playwright in the 2002 NY Int’l Fringe for The American Revolution, have joined forces with Tony Award winner Mark Hollmann (Best Score for UrineTown) and Obie Award winning actor (here in the title role) Steven Rattazzi (Obie Award winner for Painted Snake in a Painted Chair) to present this amazing production that tells the story and discusses the issues surrounding the greatest scientific journey of all time – The Voyage of the Beagle – in which Charles Darwin sailed around the world and discovered the theory of evolution.

This theatrically thrilling and philosophically intriguing play is as ambitious as the journey it attempts to dramatize. The characters include an eager and sea-sick Charles Darwin, the strict and God-fearing Captain Fitzroy, historical figures John Henslow, Augustus Earle, Fanny Mostyn Owen and Emma Darwin, as well as gauchos (Spanish cowboys), Fuegians (native South Americans), restless sailors and the famed 13 Galapagos tortoises. Historical accounts of their ship life and travels, a chronological orientation of their journey and original excerpts from Darwin’s journals ground this piece in historical reality, while the storytelling both amuses and speculates as to the development of Darwin’s thoughts. At the center of this science-based play is Darwin’s personal struggle to identify the origin of species, and, by extension, the origin of humanity and all things human – morality, culture, and art. The full production will include songs, puppets, and aerial acrobatics.

On the Origin of Darwin features music by Mark Hollmann, who won best composer at the 2003 Tony Awards for Urinetown. This is the first time Hollmann’s music has been heard on a New York stage since Urinetown opened. In the title role will be Steven Rattazzi, who won an Obie Award in 2003 for Painted Snake in a Painted Chair, and the renowned actor, T. Ryder Smith, who has appeared in various major and critically-acclaimed off-Broadway and regional productions. Kirk Wood Bromley won Best Playwright in the 2002 NY Int’l Fringe Festival, a Berrilla Kerr Excellence in Playwriting Award (2001), and his plays have been produced in London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and multiple colleges across America. Of his play, Midnight Brainwash Revival, which was also directed by Joshua Spafford, the New York Times said “It rants and rhymes. It sparkles and shines. Its language is sublime.”

For anyone interested in Darwin, evolution, or science in general, this play will be a treat for the mind. For anyone eager to learn of these important subjects, this is an entertaining introduction. And for anyone simply interested in a great play, On the Origin of Darwin is a moving, humorous and fantastical night of theater.

Lost – A Musical


The First Inverse Theater Musical!


Part of The New York International Fringe Festival
August 9th Through August 25th, 2003

Inverse Theater will present Lost, a new musical loosely based on the Hansel and Gretel story. Performances will begin on August 9th, and will continue through August 25th at the New York International Fringe Festival (venue and schedule to be announced).

Lost is a Hansel and Gretel upgrade in which the fairy tale format is transplanted and twisted into a fresh new form, containing real American myths and ghost stories, intensely modern situations and dilemmas, and troubling meditations on the way children are treated in present American society.

Gabby and Hanlon, two teen-age siblings from the city, are abandoned by their father in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. They are then kidnapped by Mamba, an evil witch who farms children’s body parts to gain eternal life, and Laborius, her mad scientist husband. This evil twosome seduce the two terrified teens into a surreal secret hideaway where children from ages past live out their suspended lives bereft of the body parts they have lost to the organ-snatching Mamba. While there, Gabby and Hanlon each falls in love with a sad spirit, then make a failed attempt to escape through a forest of ax-wielding ghosts, only to at last be reconciled to going through the motions of preparing their organs for transplant (Gabby exercising to nurture her uterus and Hanlon studying to nurture his brain). However, after discovering that Mamba and Laborius are the last remaining remnants of the Lost Colony of Roanoke, Gabby and Hanlon finally break free by rousing the other children to revolt. At last they escape, still torn between their urge for home and their feelings of love and pity for the disembodied children.

Like most of Mr. Bromley’s plays, Lost is written in vibrant, modern verse. It tackles deep and difficult issues while also maintaining a tone of entertaining humor and hysteria. The music, by Jessica Grace Wing, is composed in an eclectic style, using a mix of baroque, ambient techno, and blue-grass. Having studied at Stanford University, Ms. Wing is an exciting new composer whose work is both risky and melodic. Rob Urbinati, who is Artistic Director of Queens Theater in the Park, has directed nearly one hundred plays with The New Group, Pearl Theater, and Eric Bogosian, among many others. The sum total of these creators promises a musical that is both accessible and challenging, operatic and vaudevillian, macabre and uplifting.

The Cast (In Alphabetical Order)

Stepmother, Wampas Cat- Anni Bruno
Little Wing – Youssif Eid
White Fawn – Annemieke Marie Farrow
Mamba – Molly Karlin
Silas – Adam Kemmerer
Hanlon – Ted Malawer
Monk, Stephen Bishop, Bell Witch – Janell O’Rourke
Carl Pruitt – Timothy Reynolds
Father / Martin Stone – Ed Roggenkamp
Ivy – Jenna Rose*
Mandy, Hot Rod Lovers, Bell Witch – Karin Lili Ruhe
Nut Knox – Michael Ruby*
Laborius – John Schumacher*
Girl Who Danced Herself to Death – Kelly Spitco
Gabby – April Vidal*
Mazy – Chanelle Wilson

* These actors appeared courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association, Inc.

Music Jessica Grace Wing
Book & Lyrics Kirk Wood Bromley
Director Rob Urbinati*
Producer / Dramaturg Chad Gracia
Production & Stage Management Ruthie L. Conde
Musical Director / Arrangement Valerie Berke Sciarra
Orchestration† Martin Blessinger
Costume Design Karen Flood
Set / Puppet Design Jane Stein
Lighting Design Jeff Nash
Choreography Barbara P. King
Make-up and Hair Design Richard K. Kathlean
Make-up and Hair Artist Erin McReynolds
Assistant Stage Manager / Props Rachel Grundy
Orchestra: Sarah Engelke, David Preiser, David Grunberg, Sergio Reyes



Co-produced by Joshua Berg and Inverse, directed by Rob Urbinati, and written by Kirk Wood Bromley, SYNDROME is a play about a man who is “perfectly normal” – except for his Tourette Syndrome, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive behavior, and Bipolar personality traits. Through the course of an evening at home, we are given a glimpse into his cognition, emotions, fascinations, memories, tics, and obsessions, all brought to the surface by a simple expectation – meeting his parents for dinner. Adding to the drama of the piece is the fact that the star of this play, Joshua Lewis Berg, has Tourette himself – as he portrays a character with a multitude of individual tics, his own personal tics may come to the surface. Partly based on autobiographical material from Mr. Berg’s own life, SYNDROME is the first play to take an in-depth look at the mind and experience of someone with Tourette. In the course of this performance, the audience will see Berg telling the real-time story of a Touretter preparing himself for “social behavior,” ticcing on stage, attempting to overcome his tics, and relating the pivotal moments in his life story that pertain to his condition. His ultimate goal is to be rid of his Syndrome so that he can be normal and meet his parents free of his symptoms. What truly sets SYNDROME apart from other plays and films about Tourette is that it is being performed by a Touretter, and that the text – rich with tics and obsessive compulsions – is about the ultimate challenge of eradicating one’s syndrome once and for all through the process of reliving one’s life story.

When it was reviewed at the Greenwich Street Theatre, the reviews were unanimously positive: “SYNDROME makes for an intriguing, bracing evening…Mr. Berg [gives] a very fine performance…Bromley’s script is full of lyricism and humor,” wrote the New York Times. The Village Voice agreed, saying, “Bromley’s elegant script manages to be thoughtful and irascible, often within the same beat…Berg [is] an actor of uncompromising talent”. And The New York Theatre Experience said “See Syndrome. It’s insightful, it’s moving, it’s smart, it’s profound, and it’s off-the-wall hilarious…it’s been a long time since I’ve seen something in the theatre that excited me as much as Syndrome did.”
Joshua Lewis Berg has appeared in several of Mr. Bromley’s plays, as well as regionally in his native Detroit, and in Moscow, where he was a founding member of Durdom, Russia’s only English language improvisational theater company.

The Death of Don Flagrante Delicto


The Death of Don Flagrante Delicto


A Gesturology of Morals

By Kirk Wood Bromley

Directed by Howard Thoresen / produced by Chad Gracia / sets by Reid Farrington
lights by Morgan von Prelle Pecelli / costumes by Karen Flood / music by Jessica Grace Wing
props by Andrew Theodorou / management by Carolyn Jones, Jessica Madri and Liza Frank

Cast: Jesse Atlas, Alan Benditt, Tommy Diaz*, Alexandra Farkas, Kathleen Hunt*, Billie James*, Russell G. Jones*,
Bob Laine, Julie Lund*, Melanie Martinez, Matt Oberg*, Dave Shalansky, Joshua Spafford, Darius Stone*, Hank Wagner.
* Appear courtesy of Actors’ Equity / An Equity Approved Showcase

The Greenwich Street Theater – 547 Greenwich Street

Thursdays – Sundays, October 26 – November 19, 2000 / 7:30 pm

$12 with reservations, $15 at the door

call 212-501-4528 for reservations and information

The time is 1865, and the Civil War has just ended. The place is a southern plantation near Lynchburg, Virginia, where slavery, brutality, and incest thrive. The master of this plantation, however, is Don Flagrante Delicto, an eccentric and maniacal genius who writes and directs fantastical plays which are performed by his family, slaves, and neighbors on a small stage behind the house.

Tonight’s performance is entitled “Aethelbert and Augustine,” the true story of the 600 AD conversion of the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity. The audience – a northern nurse, a southern soldier, and a freed slave – are chained to their seats. As the play-within-the-play unfolds, Don Flagrante, knowing his way of life has come to an end, roars about the stage, narrating the story, taunting the audience, and attempting to justify “the peculiar institution” before he poisons himself and his “family” in a mass suicide.

Part morality play, part nihilist rant, part slave revolt, The Death of Don Flagrante Delicto is certain to anger, enthuse, and entertain, as it breaks and re-builds every taboo on which America is founded.

The Burnt Woman of Harvard


In this new psycho-sexual thriller by “the beloved bard of downtown theater” (New York Magazine), a deranged burn victim stalks a young Harvard student through a blazing dreamscape of literary orgies, Burning Man raves, and Keatsian struggles to divine the truth of beauty and the beauty in truth.

Come see the latest from the theatrical wizard Kirk Wood Bromley, whose work has been produced across the country on stage and screen, awarded the 2001 Berrilla-Kerr Playwrighting Grant, and compared by critics to Stoppard and Shakespeare.

“Remarkably intelligent… complex…witty…
Could be on a comparative Shakespeare class syllabus.” Time Out New York

“Stoppard squeal, and set your pen to squirm!
Bromley would your match be, term for term.” Village Voice

“Bromley is beyond reproach.” Show Business

directed by Howard Thoresen / produced by Chad Gracia
sets by J. Reid Farrington / costumes by Karen Flood / music by Jessica Grace Wing
lights by Morgan von Prelle Pecelli / technical direction by Chris Skeens
design assistance by Andrew Theodorou / management/publicity by Carolyn Jones
production management by Alexandra Farkas / stage management by Jessica Madri
assistant stage management by Dave Jay Gerstein

Cast: Ariane Barbanell, Al Benditt, J.C. Devore, Timothy Fannon, Emily Greenhill,
Ian W. Hill, Bob Laine, Meghan Maguire*, Matthew McIver*, Catherine McNelis,
Matt Oberg*, Christina Pastor, Tara Platt*, Jessica Chandlee Smith,
Johnny Stange, Darius Stone*

The Burnt Woman of Harvard: Transcendental Pornography
Wed – Sat, Oct. 24 – Nov. 17, 2001
Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 24 and 25, PREVIEWS
PRESS OPENING – Friday, Oct. 26
8pm / $15

Flamboyan Theater, Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, 107 Suffolk Street, NYC
visit www.inversetheater.com or call 212-501-4528 for tickets and reservations.

Midnight Brainwash Revival


This is the info for the original 1999 run. There have been many others, all of them directed by Joshua Spafford.

Midnight Brainwash Revival

By Kirk Wood Bromley
Directed by Howard Thoresen
Sets by Joshua Spafford
Music & Sound Design by Jessica Grace Wing
Costumes by Karen Flood
Lights by Reid Farrington
Produced by Chad Gracia

Swagart - Matthew Maher*
Serena Ridge – Jeni Henaghan
Gemma – Sarah K. Lippmann
Mordecon – Joshua Spafford
Kyrin Ridge – Matt Daniels
Nova – Lara Macgregor
Coyote – Hank Wagner
Kid Mañana – Matt Oberg
Uncle Hooch – Al Benditt
Vicki Dumbcowski – Patricia Kelley*
Ted Dumbcowski – Bob Laine
Karma Dumbcowski – Jessica Chandlee Smith
Officer Softy – Jason Pendergraft*
Trash – Robbie Coelius (Tom Epstein on 12/29, 12/30, and 12/31/99)
Spam – Bill Coelius (Kirk Bromley on 12/29, 12/30, and 12/31/99)
Amanda – Darius Stone*
Egobooster – Patricia Kelley
Dr. Fetusburger – Patricia Kelley
Mordecon’s lawyer – Bob Laine
Dr. Orenstein – Bob Laine
Dutymaker – Jessica Chandlee Smith
Chillcor agents – Chad Gracia & Howard Thoresen*
Instantaneous Emanation – Jennifer Hope Kroll

Director ~ Howard Thoresen
Producer/Literary Consultant ~ Chad Gracia
Sets ~ Joshua Spafford
Costumes ~ Karen Flood
Lights ~ Reid Farrington
Composer / Sound Design ~ Jessica Grace Wing
Stage Manager ~ Carolyn Jones
Musician ~ Danny Kenworth
Graphic Design ~ Noah Scalin
Props ~ Alexandra Farkas
Assistant to the Set Designer ~ Nina Gapinski
Assistant to the Lighting Designer ~ Morgan von Prelle Pecelli
Board ops ~ Carolyn Jones / Nina Gapinski
Publicity ~ Publicity Outfitters



This show was directed by Christopher Carter Sanderson in various locations around 1998. If you have any information on who was in it, contact us.

The Death of Griffin Hunter


Inverse Theater presents

The Death of Griffin Hunter

Secretary of Disarmament
to the United Nations

by Kirk Wood Bromley
Directed by Emma Griffin
Producer/Dramaturg, Chad Gracia
Stage Management by Alex Farkas
Sets by Happy Jack Enterprizes (Jean Andzulis and Philip Shneidman)
Costumes by Louisa Thompson
Lights by Mark Barton
Sound/Graphic Design by Noah Scalin
Original composition by Jessica Grace Wing
Props by Karen Flood
Fight Choreography by Monica Russell
Asst. Producer/Web Manager, Alexis Wichowski
Sound Board Operator, Dave Lepeska
Publicist, Brett Singer Associates
Public Relations, Jeni Henaghan

The Cast


*Alan Benditt – Semion Rockwell
*Millie Chow – Mayumi
*Bill Coelius – Boa
Matt Daniels – Madera
*Jeni Henaghan – Walker
*Robyn Hussa – Vivian Nash
Sarah K. Lippmann – China, Guard 1, Godavari, Smart, operative (Love, fighter, Sonja), Cop, Persian actor
*Matthew Maher – Leveret
*Carrie Paff – Sophie Berceau
*Joshua Spafford – Griffin Hunter
Suzi Takahachi – Secretary General, Xiao, Natalie, operative (Maestro), Waiter, Stage Manager, Persian actor
Howard Thoresen - Jurgen Scheckel, Powers
Hank Wagner – Sgt at Arms, France, Guard 2, Tanduru, Dumb, operative (Peace, fighter, Pepe), Cop, Persian actor

* – these actors participated in a workshop process that lasted almost six months, during which time this play, through their collaboration, was created. Each plays the part that she/he helped manifest.

Millie Chow, Matthew Maher, Howard Thoresen appear courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association, Inc.

Wed – Sun, Oct. 28 – Nov. 22, 1998
@ 46 Walker St. (aka Soho Rep) – 8 pm / $12

Lost Labor’s Loved


No photos or information exists on this production, which occurred at some point in 1997 (or 1998) at Nada, first under the direction of Aaron Beall, but then he disappeared, or was fired, and he was replaced by his then girlfriend, Kirsten Ames, who we think runs the Aspen Comedy Festival now.

Icarus and Aria


Icarus and Aria, written by Kirk Wood Bromley, was first performed in the First International New York Fringe Festival at The Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe, New York City, at 3:00 pm on August 14, 1997, after which it moved to the House of Candles for a September 1997 run. Original staff: dramaturgy and direction by Aaron Beall, stage management by Andrea Meller, sound design by Wayne Frost, costume design by Karen Flood, props and sets by Raphaele Shirley and Vincent Dao, sound operation by Jesse Atlas and Andrea Meller, lights by Anna Goodman-Merrick.


Icarus Alzaro – Dennis Dannel
Aria Jones – Jeni Henaghan
Dina – Michelle Ingkavet
Mr. Jimmy Jones – Tom Reid
Cindy – Nancy O’Connor
Jimmy Jones Junior – Josh Berg
Mickie – Art Wallace, Ed Gilmartin
Damon – Al Benditt
Mr. Nite – Al Benditt
Maximus – Adam Wald
Primalo – Joshua Spafford
Tonka – Richard Vazquez
Gallo – Alex Correia
K2 – Ricardo Cuevas
Ray and Hammer – Alexander Yannis Stephano, Bill Coelius
Mayor Favor – Ginny Hack
Sheriff Orpayo – Glenn Healey
Anchor – Billie James
Newscaster – Anushka Carter
Sissy Rip – Jina Oh
Malory McGuire – Tara Bahna-James
Jose Escalante – Alex Correia
Bobby Rivers – Andy Brown
Coach Conrad – Glenn Healey
Trinidad – Billie James
2 moving men – Alexander Yannis Stephano, Bill Coelius
Secretaries – Jina Oh, Tara Bahna-James
Shareen Stone – Melanie Anastasia Brown
Photographer – Melanie Martinez
Luce – Tamara Torres
Matina – Melanie Martinez
Leslie – Al Benditt
Ernie – Art Wallace, Ed Gilmartin
Priscilla – Tara Bahna-James
Ted Kaczinsky – Art Wallace, Ed Gilmartin
Barcaiolo – Bill Coelius
Junkfood – Alexander Yannis Stephano
Medicine Woman – Melanie Anastasia Brown
Minister – Ricardo Cuevas
Standerby – Melanie Anastasia Brown, Ricardo Cuevas

The following actors played various roles at different times in the play: Heidi Merrick (Priscilla, Malory McGuire, Cindy), Alex Correia (Primalo), Ricardo Cuevas (Jose Escalante), Tara Bahna-James (Trinidad, Newscaster), Kirk Bromley (Junkfood, Ray, Moving man), Ivanna Cullinan (Anchor, Mayor), Robert Fitzsimmons (K2, Ray, Junkfood, Moving man), Louie Leonardo (Icarus), Liat Goldman (Aria), Jina Oh (Dina), Andy Brown (Maximus), Kelli Cruz (Sissy Rip, Secretary), Art Wallace (Mickie, Leslie, Kaczinski), Yuri Lowenthal, (Gallo, Barciaolo, Hammer, Moving man), Robert Ross (Newscaster), Tim Ellis (Coach Conrad, Sheriff Orpayo), Rosemary Vaswani (Matina), Michele Merring (Priscilla, Malory McGuire, Secretary), and others…

The American Revolution


The American Revolution

The original production (1999):

The Cornelia Connelly Center

Director ~ Emma Griffin
Producer/Literary Consultant ~ Chad Gracia
Sets ~ Louisa Thompson
Costumes ~ Alexander Dodge
Lights ~ Mark Barton
Composer ~ Robert Lopez
Sound and Graphic Design ~ Noah Scalin
Choreography ~ Phipy Kay
Props ~ Karen Flood
Dramaturg ~ Floraine Kay
Production Manager ~ Whitney Pastorek
Stage Manager ~ Janine Vanderhoff
Asst. Stage Manager ~ Bernadette Brownell
Technical Director ~ Tom Pasquarella
Sound Board Operator ~ Raimy Rosenduft
Asst. Producer ~ Alexis Wichowski
Publicity ~ Brett Singer Associates
Public Relations ~ Jeni Henaghan
Jessica Angelson ~ Intern


Judie Annozine – Peggy Arnold, Nell
Eleni Beja – Tom Dodge, Whipple, Martha
Al Benditt – John Adams, Hessian, Boatman, Hangman, Jeeves
Soraya Broukhim – General Sullivan, Marshall, Morgan, Livingston, Soldier, Citizen 1, Davies
Aundre Chin – General Greene, British Attendant, Soldier, British Colonel, James, Jimmy, Rodney
Kenny Diaz – Lafayette
*Sheri Graubert – George Washington
*Dan Illian – Benedict Arnold.
Lily Koster – Ben Franklin, Hessian, Boatman, Local, Woman w/baby, Bessie
Bob Laine – General Gates, Lord North, Attucks, Sam Adams, Captain, Cornwallis, Shelburne
Jason Little – General Lee, Lord Burke, Olsen, Rush, Soldier, Feltman, Fox
Sam Massem – Molly Pitcher, Hancock
Sheila Mitchell – General Conway, King George, Sarge, Gwinnett, Soldier, Knox
Matt Peterson – Hamilton
Richard Scudney- Aide-de-Camp, Tarleton, Burr, Soldier, Sargeant, Dartmouth, Rodney, Knox, Howe
Dave Shalansky – Gutbreath, Sherman
Ryan Shogren – John Andre
Tara Taylor – Salem Poor, Citizen 2, Jefferson
Hank Wagner – Freeman, Mifflin

Another production (2002):

Various Outdoor Locations

Directed by Howard Thoresen
Produced and dramaturged by Chad Gracia
Costumes by Karen Flood
Music by Noah Masterson
Musical Direction by Hank Wagner
Production Management by Carolyn Jones
Stage Management by Dina Buglione and Natasha Gavin
Publicity by Brett Singer and Associates

Featuring Al Benditt, Chris Briggs, Matt Daniels, Rachel diCerbo, Tom Epstein, Alexandra Farkas, Billie James, Bob Laine, Hemke Madera, Catherine McNelis, Matt Oberg, Frank Perozo, Timothy Reynolds, Kate Rose, Joshua Spafford, Carey Urban, Hank Wagner, David Willner

Tired of Shakespeare in the Park? This summer, join the Revolution!

Inverse Theater presents Kirk Wood Bromley’s The American Revolution in East River and Central Park…TOTALLY FREE!

This hilarious and historical patriotic parade (Music! Comedy! Battles!) follows General George Washington on his quest to defeat the British Empire and secure independence. Along the way, he confronts Redcoats, Tories, Hessian mercenaries, mutinying generals, a bankrupt Congress, spies, and Benedict Arnold. He is joined by the world’s most incompetent and endearing troop of new recruits – The Rebel Mess. These rambunctious Yankees tumble through the colonies chasing freedom, dodging bullets, making song, and discovering what it means to be an American.

Fridays at 7 pm, Saturdays at 5 pm, and Sundays at 3 pm

June 14, 15, 16 – East River Amphitheater
June 21 – July 7 – The Dairy, Central Park
With a special benefit performance on July 4, at 4 pm, La Plaza Cultural, Southwest corner of 9th Street and Avenue C

Free! Free! Free!
Acceptable for all ages!

For directions and information, visit www.inversetheater.com or call 212-501-4528

Want’s Unwisht Work


Want’s Unwisht Work

A new verse play by Kirk Wood Bromley
Directed by Aaron Beall
Appeared at Nada in 1996

Cast of Characters

Richard (Vazoline, a crossdresser), a man with a house, Elisa’s husband
Elisa, a woman with a house, and Richard’s wife
Bertha Lerner, professor of women’s studies
Marla, her student
Lydia, her student
Corme, her student
Leavus, Marla’s boyfriend
Warren, Lydia’s boyfriend
Dr. Kling, an analyst and author
Erad, his student

Nichedigger, Dick, Laptop, Rem, rambling fanatics
Gene, Rock, Art and Nicelle, the Wishful Waiters

Dream Piece / The Song of Narcissus


No information exists on this production, which was directed by Bruce Wall and the very first done at the Kraine Theater in NYC, with the opening night being interrupted by toilet water pouring thru the ceiling.

The Sickness and the Cure


Emma Griffin directed this translation of the Calderon play as part of Target Margin’s side show at Nada. It was wonderful, but I have no information on the production, though she may.

All Must Be Admitted


Done at a yoga studio on St. Marks in 1991. No record exists of who or what happened.