Your beautiful presence is most humbly requested at Inverse Theater’s new show being presented in association with The Access Theater!

it has no (en)title(ment)

it is at the Access Theater Loft Space (380 Broadway, 4th floor, Manhattan)

it is at 8 pm, Wed – Sat, January 7, 8, 9, and 10, 2008

it is FREE!!!

it has original songs and words and actions

it is about…

having body parts removed unsuccessfully

mooseknuckling your wanderlust

chicken tit

remembering (incorrectly) your first time

growing up under a 3 foot roof

feeling retarded

poems that encourage regrettable diddling

severe traumatic brain injuries

road trips thru the oysterbeds of yore

carving a hole in your father’s heart and fucking it

…among other things that will challenge your ability to know and trust yourself.

We look greatly forward to entertaining you in the theater on these magical evenings of incredible togetherness and personal transformation!

reservations not required. first come first saved.

the actors are:

Anna Elwood, Anni Bruno, Annie Scott, Lora Chio, Michael O’Brien, Darius Stone, Joe Pindelski, Christopher Yeatts, Robert Laine, Timothy McCown Reynolds, Sarah Malinda Engelke, Vanessa Vivezza, Rachel Tiemann, Josh Hartung, Shawn Laine

music by John Gideon
costumes by Karen Flood
properties by Jane Stein
lights by Jeff Nash
stage management by Bettina Warshaw
assistant stage management by Shawn Laine
words and direction by Kirk Wood Bromley