The American Revolution

The American Revolution

The original production (1999):

The Cornelia Connelly Center

Director ~ Emma Griffin
Producer/Literary Consultant ~ Chad Gracia
Sets ~ Louisa Thompson
Costumes ~ Alexander Dodge
Lights ~ Mark Barton
Composer ~ Robert Lopez
Sound and Graphic Design ~ Noah Scalin
Choreography ~ Phipy Kay
Props ~ Karen Flood
Dramaturg ~ Floraine Kay
Production Manager ~ Whitney Pastorek
Stage Manager ~ Janine Vanderhoff
Asst. Stage Manager ~ Bernadette Brownell
Technical Director ~ Tom Pasquarella
Sound Board Operator ~ Raimy Rosenduft
Asst. Producer ~ Alexis Wichowski
Publicity ~ Brett Singer Associates
Public Relations ~ Jeni Henaghan
Jessica Angelson ~ Intern


Judie Annozine – Peggy Arnold, Nell
Eleni Beja – Tom Dodge, Whipple, Martha
Al Benditt – John Adams, Hessian, Boatman, Hangman, Jeeves
Soraya Broukhim – General Sullivan, Marshall, Morgan, Livingston, Soldier, Citizen 1, Davies
Aundre Chin – General Greene, British Attendant, Soldier, British Colonel, James, Jimmy, Rodney
Kenny Diaz – Lafayette
*Sheri Graubert – George Washington
*Dan Illian – Benedict Arnold.
Lily Koster – Ben Franklin, Hessian, Boatman, Local, Woman w/baby, Bessie
Bob Laine – General Gates, Lord North, Attucks, Sam Adams, Captain, Cornwallis, Shelburne
Jason Little – General Lee, Lord Burke, Olsen, Rush, Soldier, Feltman, Fox
Sam Massem – Molly Pitcher, Hancock
Sheila Mitchell – General Conway, King George, Sarge, Gwinnett, Soldier, Knox
Matt Peterson – Hamilton
Richard Scudney- Aide-de-Camp, Tarleton, Burr, Soldier, Sargeant, Dartmouth, Rodney, Knox, Howe
Dave Shalansky – Gutbreath, Sherman
Ryan Shogren – John Andre
Tara Taylor – Salem Poor, Citizen 2, Jefferson
Hank Wagner – Freeman, Mifflin

Another production (2002):

Various Outdoor Locations

Directed by Howard Thoresen
Produced and dramaturged by Chad Gracia
Costumes by Karen Flood
Music by Noah Masterson
Musical Direction by Hank Wagner
Production Management by Carolyn Jones
Stage Management by Dina Buglione and Natasha Gavin
Publicity by Brett Singer and Associates

Featuring Al Benditt, Chris Briggs, Matt Daniels, Rachel diCerbo, Tom Epstein, Alexandra Farkas, Billie James, Bob Laine, Hemke Madera, Catherine McNelis, Matt Oberg, Frank Perozo, Timothy Reynolds, Kate Rose, Joshua Spafford, Carey Urban, Hank Wagner, David Willner

Tired of Shakespeare in the Park? This summer, join the Revolution!

Inverse Theater presents Kirk Wood Bromley’s The American Revolution in East River and Central Park…TOTALLY FREE!

This hilarious and historical patriotic parade (Music! Comedy! Battles!) follows General George Washington on his quest to defeat the British Empire and secure independence. Along the way, he confronts Redcoats, Tories, Hessian mercenaries, mutinying generals, a bankrupt Congress, spies, and Benedict Arnold. He is joined by the world’s most incompetent and endearing troop of new recruits – The Rebel Mess. These rambunctious Yankees tumble through the colonies chasing freedom, dodging bullets, making song, and discovering what it means to be an American.

Fridays at 7 pm, Saturdays at 5 pm, and Sundays at 3 pm

June 14, 15, 16 – East River Amphitheater
June 21 – July 7 – The Dairy, Central Park
With a special benefit performance on July 4, at 4 pm, La Plaza Cultural, Southwest corner of 9th Street and Avenue C

Free! Free! Free!
Acceptable for all ages!

For directions and information, visit or call 212-501-4528