Icarus and Aria

Icarus and Aria, written by Kirk Wood Bromley, was first performed in the First International New York Fringe Festival at The Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe, New York City, at 3:00 pm on August 14, 1997, after which it moved to the House of Candles for a September 1997 run. Original staff: dramaturgy and direction by Aaron Beall, stage management by Andrea Meller, sound design by Wayne Frost, costume design by Karen Flood, props and sets by Raphaele Shirley and Vincent Dao, sound operation by Jesse Atlas and Andrea Meller, lights by Anna Goodman-Merrick.


Icarus Alzaro – Dennis Dannel
Aria Jones – Jeni Henaghan
Dina – Michelle Ingkavet
Mr. Jimmy Jones – Tom Reid
Cindy – Nancy O’Connor
Jimmy Jones Junior – Josh Berg
Mickie – Art Wallace, Ed Gilmartin
Damon – Al Benditt
Mr. Nite – Al Benditt
Maximus – Adam Wald
Primalo – Joshua Spafford
Tonka – Richard Vazquez
Gallo – Alex Correia
K2 – Ricardo Cuevas
Ray and Hammer – Alexander Yannis Stephano, Bill Coelius
Mayor Favor – Ginny Hack
Sheriff Orpayo – Glenn Healey
Anchor – Billie James
Newscaster – Anushka Carter
Sissy Rip – Jina Oh
Malory McGuire – Tara Bahna-James
Jose Escalante – Alex Correia
Bobby Rivers – Andy Brown
Coach Conrad – Glenn Healey
Trinidad – Billie James
2 moving men – Alexander Yannis Stephano, Bill Coelius
Secretaries – Jina Oh, Tara Bahna-James
Shareen Stone – Melanie Anastasia Brown
Photographer – Melanie Martinez
Luce – Tamara Torres
Matina – Melanie Martinez
Leslie – Al Benditt
Ernie – Art Wallace, Ed Gilmartin
Priscilla – Tara Bahna-James
Ted Kaczinsky – Art Wallace, Ed Gilmartin
Barcaiolo – Bill Coelius
Junkfood – Alexander Yannis Stephano
Medicine Woman – Melanie Anastasia Brown
Minister – Ricardo Cuevas
Standerby – Melanie Anastasia Brown, Ricardo Cuevas

The following actors played various roles at different times in the play: Heidi Merrick (Priscilla, Malory McGuire, Cindy), Alex Correia (Primalo), Ricardo Cuevas (Jose Escalante), Tara Bahna-James (Trinidad, Newscaster), Kirk Bromley (Junkfood, Ray, Moving man), Ivanna Cullinan (Anchor, Mayor), Robert Fitzsimmons (K2, Ray, Junkfood, Moving man), Louie Leonardo (Icarus), Liat Goldman (Aria), Jina Oh (Dina), Andy Brown (Maximus), Kelli Cruz (Sissy Rip, Secretary), Art Wallace (Mickie, Leslie, Kaczinski), Yuri Lowenthal, (Gallo, Barciaolo, Hammer, Moving man), Robert Ross (Newscaster), Tim Ellis (Coach Conrad, Sheriff Orpayo), Rosemary Vaswani (Matina), Michele Merring (Priscilla, Malory McGuire, Secretary), and others…