Be Story Free

Inverse Theater, Dr. Jip Syuzhet and the Be Story Free® Brigade present…

Be Story Free®

The World’s First and Only “Story Addiction” Destruction Seminar

FREE to all who sincerely desire to rid themselves of the EVILS of STORY!

Thursday – Saturday, May 12 – 14 and May 19 – 21

7 pm


The Home Of

a performance house in beautiful Gowanus

rsvp to and you will be sent our “secret location”

This show also ran as part of the Ohio Theater’s Ice Factory festival for three nights in the summer of 2011.

Face it. You are a story addict. The shows, the status updates, the gossip, the devices, the rationalizations, the plans. You can’t live without it. It’s all you are, and it’s completely beyond you.

It’s time for you to BE STORY FREE®!!!


Just come to this Be Story Free® Seminar and experience the liberating power of the Be Story Free® Brigade as led by Be Story Free® founder Dr. Jip Syuzhet.

Through participation in the Be Story Free® Program, story addicts from around the world are
finding freedom from the crippling, prenatal, pervasive invasion of
story into their minds, relationships, wallets and lives by ridding
themselves of the noxious, uninvited, impoverishing influences of

– a paralyzing need for absolute, irreversible change;
– the regressive belief in an external, charismatic evil;
– the fascistic reliance on “sole protagonist selfism”©;
– spurious, time-consistent, cause-and-effect dependencies;
– the life-limiting demand for explanation and meaning;
– personal relationships with depersonalizing conglomerates;
– years and years of emptiness, lies and false connections.

If you think story is just something your parents told you to put you to sleep, you’re right. And it’s still happening to this day. Everywhere, all the time, through every imaginable method, your unchosen moral supervisors are infesting your soul with stories to “put you down.”

Don’t let them do it anymore. Rise up. Be free. Rid yourself of story.
After all, “There’s more to the world than ‘In a world…’”©

The Be Story Free® Brigade features Matt Oberg, Steve Burns, Chris Thorn, Denice Kondik, Catherine McNelis, Jordan Coughtry, Alexis Sottile, Patrick Toon, Michael O’Brien, John Gideon, Kirk Bromley, Luke Murphy, Carson Reiners, Troy Ogilvie, Josh Hartung, William Sturdivant, Robert Laine, Val Mudek, and Maggie Cino.

Some team bios:

Matt Oberg can be seen on The Onion SportsDome, Ugly Americans, and dozens of TV commercials, and has appeared in numerous NYC plays. He is also a story addict.

Steve Burns played “Steve” on Blues Clues for years, then became the voice of Time Warner Cable, and is now doing various other things. He has tested positive for narrative infection.

Luke Murphy is currently in Sleep No More by Punchdrunk, and he appeared with John Kelley in Pass the Blutwurst, Bitte at La Mama. He is recovering from story addiction.

Troy Ogilvie has danced with Gallim Dance and the Sidra Bell Dance Company. Narrative has infested her body.

Kirk Bromley is a playwright, the artistic director of Inverse Theater. He is a story addict.

Michael O’Brien will appear as Salvador Dalí & Adolf Hitler this summer at Woodstock’s historic Byrdcliffe Theater in Carey Harrison’s Midget in a Catsuit Reciting Spinoza. He has also acted in many other plays, and is seriously addicted to story.

Patrick Toon has appeared at the Depot Theatre, the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, and the Pearl here in New York City. He is a story addict.