Cycatrix Adaptitude

While travelling in Bucharest, Bromley stumbled across a troupe of Romanian performers whose “party plays” are legendary in the back-alley bars of the Balkan capital. Now, in collaboration with Meistro Stelian Virgiliu Vasilica’s Cel Mal Bun Teatru Fiecare, he’s bringing the English version to America for a Tour of NYC so you can meld with the madness.

Taking place in five exclusive Chelsea, Soho and Williamsburg lofts, Cycatrix Adaptitude is a performance event within a party experience. It’s FREE to get in, drinks and food will be sold, but you must make a reservation to be on THE LIST and only those on THE LIST may enter. No exceptions. Your reservation is NOT confirmed until you hear back from us via email.

Venues include East 6th Street, 100 Grand Street, Glasslands Bar, and the Hope Lounge

Music by John Gideon
Costumes by Karen Flood
Lights by Jeff Nash
Masks by Jane Stein
Cast: Mick O’Brien, Sarah Engelke, Beth Ann Leone, Denice Kondik, Josephine Cashman
Many thanks to our generous hosts: Tony J. Reilly, Rebecca Armstrong, Danielle Bernstein, Michael Waller, John Bonafede, Hannah Thieme, Sarah Engelke, Timothy McCown Reynolds, Suzy Franczak and Tony Davis, Jane Stein and Jeff Nash, and Jen Dunlap