Podcast Interview Details

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You’ll receive a Zoom link shortly before your interview time.

This interview will be recorded as both audio and video, so be sure and sit somewhere that’s lit and also use a quality external microphone. This will guarantee that you look and sound your best and that the recording is good enough to be published on the Inverse Theater Podcast (audio) and on Youtube (video).

The mission of the Inverse Theater Podcast is to 1) archive the history of Inverse and Bromley, 2) get a deeper look into the thoughts, experiences, and talents of those who worked or are working with Inverse and Bromley, and 3) elucidate, perform, and share Bromley plays via readings by actors and fans. Through Kirk’s questions and the conversation they inspire, we want to hear about you as a theater-maker in general as well as a player in the Inverse/Bromley story specifically.

Here are some examples of questions Kirk will ask if you care to prepare:

1. How did you get started working in theater?
2. How did you discover Bromley/Inverse?
3. How did you inevitably get involved?
4. What plays did you work on? What were your roles?
5. What makes Bromley different from other playwrights?
6. What was it like working on Bromley/with Inverse? Difficulties? Joys?
7. What’s your favorite Bromley/Inverse memory?
8. What was the most insane Bromley/Inverse experience you had?
9. What was “different” about Bromley/Inverse and its productions?
10. What kind of theater do you continue to make (if any)?