"Best Downtown Theater Company" - NY Press, 2001 | Best Music/Lyrics - FringeNYC 2002 | Excellence in Playwrighting - FringeNYC 2003
Caffe Cino Award - NY Innovative Theater Awards, 2005 | Outstanding Solo Show - FringeNYC 2009

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Welcome to Inverse. This is our latest thing:


Calling all actors, non-actors, and everyone in between: In order to promote theater-making and -loving during the pandemic, to celebrate playwright Kirk Wood Bromley’s one year anniversary of being cancer free, and to hurl a once great irl institution into the digital age, Inverse Theater has been reborn as @inversetheater (FB, IG, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube) and is now seeking submissions of at-home video performances of Bromley texts to post across its social media empire.

To submit a video, do the following:

1. Go here to find a play or poem and select something to perform.

2. Video record yourself performing your selection.

3. Email your performance to contact@inversetheater.org.

The specs:

- There are awesome teleprompter apps that help you avoid the time-consuming (and O so 90s) task of memorization, such as this or this. And there are many others available wherever you get apps that will work for your device and platform. Feel free to email contact@inversetheater.org if you want help finding one.

- Your selection can be anything you want – a monologue, a scene, a section, a poem or part of a poem – as long as you get it from a text on this page.

- Please be off book for your performance or use a teleprompter app to seem as if you are.

- Your performance doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You can be sitting or standing, and as long as you can be sufficiently seen and heard and your performance is “commendable and passionate,” your video will be posted.

- Please only record your performance and don’t include any spoken intro or outro. If you have anything you’d like to say outside of the script, feel free to send some words for the caption when you submit your video.

- And be sure to follow us cuz we’re going places:


Thank you!

Team Inverse


al in center

From left: Julie Lund, Jesse Atlas, Al Benditt, Darius Stone, Joshua Spafford, Billie James, Hank Wagner

Directed by Howard Thoresen / produced by Chad Gracia / sets by Reid Farrington
lights by Morgan von Prelle Pecelli / costumes by Karen Flood / music by Jessica Grace Wing
props by Andrew Theodorou / management by Carolyn Jones, Jessica Madri and Liza Frank

Cast: Jesse Atlas, Alan Benditt, Tommy Diaz*, Alexandra Farkas, Kathleen Hunt*, Billie James*, Russell G. Jones*,
Bob Laine, Julie Lund*, Melanie Martinez, Matt Oberg*, Dave Shalansky, Joshua Spafford, Darius Stone*, Hank Wagner.
* Appear courtesy of Actors’ Equity / An Equity Approved Showcase