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Caffe Cino Award - NY Innovative Theater Awards, 2005 | Outstanding Solo Show - FringeNYC 2009

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Icarus and Aria Audition

We are casting for many roles, but the monologue we’d like you to record is pasted below. It is for a character named Primalo, who is the brilliant, histrionic, violent leader of a major Phoenix AZ drug gang, and in this speech he is scolding his brother (Icarus) for wanting to move his mother to a “nicer” neighborhood now that he (Icarus) has become a famous football player. Feel free to just record it into your phone or computer and send the audio file to kirkwoodbromley@gmail.com. Thank you!

The monologue:

Que malo, Icarus? You no like the hood? You like your face. You no like the pueblo? You like your bank. You no like your history? You like nothing. Esta’s mi territorio, can you smell? My wide caliber self was shot from time’s revolver and still ricochets about this stony landscape. Here, my virginity lost, to a switchblade. There, our dear steel-toed papa played kick my balls in the street. Y alla, I fell in love with my main amiga, Crystalita, who lived in a pipe, came with a lighter, and had a body like my body. Si, si, Icarus, they say I am jabali, espiritu prospero de Mojave. They shout, se vale reverencia! Producer y Padrino on my door. But now, I am the humblest of men. Me no mommy. Me no mommy no more!